I aim to enable students’ critical thinking and arm them with a rigorous foundation in engineering knowledge and methods, so they can move on to industry, graduate school, or other pursuits as world-class problem solvers. 

Current Courses Taught

Short Courses

  • Colloidal Gels – Society of Rheology Conference (2021)
  • Colloidal Dispersions – FORTH / University of Crete (2019)
  • Colloidal Dispersions (w/ C. Macosko, G. Fuller, G. McKinley, & R. Ewoldt) – @ Stanford (2019)
  • Colloidal Gels – American Physical Society March Meeting (2016)
  • Microrheology (co-taught with Eric M. Furst, Univ. Delaware) – Society of Rheology Conference, Baltimore, MD (2015)
  • Microrheology – 27th International Conference on Complex Fluids, San Luis Potosi, Mexico (2015)